Almaden Yoga Teacher Training 2019 – 100 hours

We welcome you to the Almaden Yoga Teacher Training

Almaden Yoga +100 hours is a flexible yet a robust program. Our +100-hours program is like an a la carte menu. You can pick and choose what you like. You can also pick and choose and not bother about the +100 hours but take weekends of your choice.
The only requirement of this program is that you should have completed your 200-Hours yoga teacher training (does not have to be from Almaden Yoga).

We have picked topics to enhance you as a teacher so that you can take your teaching to the next level. These weekends are practical and can be applied to your current teaching style. Even if you are not interested in completing your +100 hours, you can take each weekend as they come along. You can pick what interests you and what you think will help you improve your teaching.

Timeline: The +100 hours are to be completed between May 2019 to Feb 2020

Almaden Yoga Teacher Panel

Anuja Chaudhri – Lead Trainer

Ashley Curran

Nate Jones


Shannon Larsen

Wendy Garafalo

+100 Hours A La Carte Menu

The mentors you can select from are Anuja, Ashley, Nate and Shannon. If you would like anyone else from the list of Almaden Yoga teachers, we can work on bringing them onboard.

Join Wendy Garafalo to explore the body, mind and spirit of chakras and their relationship to yoga. Chakras are the energetic organs of the body. We use them to understand and transform the energy and experiences of our lives. In this training you will be guided thru a physical yoga class, discussion and meditation for each chakra. As you experience these chakras in your own practice you will be able to intelligently sequence classes based on each chakra. You will also leave with an understanding of the way chakras are held in our posture and attitude, thus you will develop a way to read bodies via the chakra system and give your students a practice that serves their energetic needs.

Meditation is believed to have originated thousands of years ago and is practiced all over the world. Scientific research has now begun to reveal through data all the many health benefits of working with the mind. This training will explore different forms of mindfulness and their applications to daily life.  We will participate in practices as well as discuss the benefits and how to apply these practices in our own daily lives and if yoga instructors, in our classes.
  1. Contact hours = 10 (group discussion and activities)
  2. Non contact hours = 10 (reading and homework assignment)
You will spend two Saturdays studying the Bhavad Gita. Bhagavad Gita means “The song of the Blessed one”. Gita is a book of deeply personal instruction. Whatever intellectual or esthetic satisfaction it may provide, its purpose is to tranform your life.
  1. Contact hours = 10 (group discussion and activities)
  2. Non contact hours = 5 (practice and homework assignment)
This session will include how as a yoga teacher you approach assisting in your class. It is not adjustment but rather a way to guide your students to go deeper into their bodies. It is learning on how to approach the energy of your student, holding their space and then walking away from it.


You pay as you go along the training.

  • Mentorship: $675
  • Chakra Energy weekend: $375
  • Application of Meditation, Visualization and Yoga Nidra weekend: $375
  • Philosophy (2-weekends): $250
  • Hands on Assist: $150


  • Mentorship: Starts May 2019
  • Chakra weekend: August 23, 24, 25
  • Application of Meditation, Visualization and Yoga Nidra: TBD
  • Philosophy Saturdays: Oct 26, 2019 and Jan 25, 2020
  • Hands on Assist weekend: TBD


Being apart of the AYTT has been one of the most memorable experiences of my life. Anuja and Nate have given each student honest feedback and gentle love with each day we were together. This program is more than just deepening your practice or gaining a certificate to be able to teach; it is the attainment of connection. Connection with the teachers, fellow students, and most importantly with yourself.
Emerging back into the world after this extensive experience will not be the same for everyone, but I do guarantee a new found sense of pure Joy and Love for yoga and life. For this I say, what are you waiting for!
Marilyn Baker

I had a life changing experience at Almaden Yoga Teacher Training . It brought out hidden strength within me. I feel deeply grateful for the opportunity to participate in this training. As I call AYTT as the Amazing Yoga Teacher Training. Anuja and Nate helped us in every way to reach our full potential.

Rina Desai

Almaden Yoga Teacher Training is indeed an experience I am grateful for. The bond formed with Anuja and the other trainees by far exceeded my expectations. There is a lot to be learned in the entire 200-hour training and having someone knowledgeable, caring, intuitive, open and fun as a guide made the journey well worth it. I felt there was a good balance of technical lessons on alignment, teaching practice and cues as well as learning about the Sutras, the philosophical and spiritual aspects of yoga. I am pleased that Almaden Yoga Teacher Training provided me with adequate experience, knowledge and tools so that I could apply all that I learned immediately. It is nice to know that even after the training, Anuja is available to help and support all of us as new teachers.

Danielle Vergara

For many years, I have wanted to take a yoga teacher training class. AYTT fit my busy schedule and I took that as a sign the time was right. From the first day of training, I was so thankful to have joined this yoga teacher training program with Anuja at the helm. Anyone who knows Anuja knows she is an excellent yoga teacher with a huge heart and an incredible passion for yoga. She brought her whole heart and passion to each and every teacher training. She exceeded my expectations. Anuja helped me to realize yoga poses and alignment in my mind and body, and made sure I had a firm grasp on the yoga sutras and related philosophies as well. I am now teaching yoga and I feel blessed to have completed this program under Anuja’s guidance.

Jennifer Feerick

I appreciated being exposed to the Yoga Sutras, which I found to be amplifications of Biblical principles. My practice had previously focused on the physical. The teacher training program expanded my practice into the philosophical and spiritual aspects of yoga. People need to be prepared for the amount of time the training takes outside of the literal weekends of training. I was teaching before I took the teacher training from Almaden Yoga and continue to teach. The teacher training program gave me the credibility and foundation to the teaching I was looking for. Although I was already an avid reader and student of yoga practice, the training expanded my knowledge and application.

Cathy Cassetta