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Since I started yoga several years ago due to my low back, I have been at many many studios. This small friendly studio became my favorite one; there are many excellent teachers with different levels and styles with reasonable membership price. I had been a member for a few months, then I held my membership due to my hand injury (tendinitis). Even with a few months’ therapy and acupuncture didn’t help me much; my arms were very stiff and tight; even my shoulders and neck started to hurt; my hands were in terrible shape. Then I stopped a physical therapy and resumed yoga a few weeks ago with Neda’s Qi Flow class. Fortunately, she did lots of arms’ stretching. During the class my left arm made some big crack noise and felt loose finally. On my way home on that day, I was so happy and relieved to have my left hand & arm back. If your therapist tells you not to do yoga for your tendonitis, stop seeing her/him; because yoga is the best medicine for tendonitis. Barbara’s Qigong and medical yoga are also very healing. I used to take Trisha, Wei and Elena’s challenging classes, but for now I am happy with Neda, Barbabra and Anuja’s basic classes.
Katie T
The instructors here are truly superb. I am a bit of a Yogi noob and even though I stumbled into two seemingly advanced classes, I did not at all feel intimidated. The instructors are really good at pointing out modified versions of advanced poses and always encourage you to embrace your own practice. The studio is stocked with plenty or blocks, blankets, and straps at no additional rental cost, so to help you modify your poses. After four classes here, I am starting to notice a slight improvement in my sleep and overall mood. Once my TownHog sessions run out I definitely hope to continue taking the Hatha with Anuja and Qi Flow class with Neda and hope to gain overall improvement in flexibility and toning. Pure Zen! ::Namaste::
Veronica B.


If I could give this place more stars, I definitely would. I recently graduated from college and I was looking for something to keep me occupied between graduating and starting my first real job in September. I saw the 30 days for 30 bucks deal and I jumped on it! I had always wanted to try yoga, but school did not give me much time for it. I absolutely love this studio! I’ve heard that yoga studios can get a little pretentious; there is none of that at Almaden Yoga. Every teacher that I took a class with was very talented and approachable. To make this review more specific to a few teachers, I have some good things to say: Sarah: Throughout the class, she continually emphasizes listening to your body and not pushing yourself to the point of pain. I need this reminder, at times, because I get a little too into it. Noell: I only took one class with her, but I wish I could have taken more because I like her personality. Her flow class wasn’t super physically intense and that is really refreshing because I focused on calming my mind a lot more. Wei: Her classes kick your butt! I always walked out with a grossly sweaty shirt after her class. I went to her classes quite a bit because I knew I would push myself to new limits. I’ll miss this place! I hope to be back in a year. Until then, I have pretty high standards for whatever studio I go to next!
- Jessica R.