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Restorative Workshop – Rediscover the Quiet within

with Nanci Shakti


Saturday Sept 29, 2018

1 to 4:00pm

Any way you look at it, life is busy. To take time for yourself is no longer a luxury but is now a necessity. Restorative Yoga is a mini retreat with yourself. In this practice you are able to settle into each pose with ease and comfort while reconnecting to your breath, quieting your mind, and nourishing your body, as you rediscover the quiet within.

Allow Nanci to assist you with her Reiki healing touch and massage. As you relax in each shape, you will feel any tension begin to melt away without any effort at all.

Restorative Yoga is appropriate for everyone. All poses are done on the floor and held for 10-15 minutes with the support of props to ensure deep relaxation. It is perfect for students with injuries, arthritis, inflammation, or challenges, or for anyone needing to relax. Resting in each pose pacifies the “fight or flight” reaction to stress so that “rest and rejuvenation” can restore balance to the nervous system, muscles, joints, and the mind, allowing a deeper sense of calm, balance, and release.

Dress comfortably.

We will finish the afternoon with an Ayurvedic beverage.