1-Hour Thai Massage: $60
1.5-Hour Thai Massage: $80
2-Hours Thai Massage: $100
3-Hour Thai Massage: $150

The roots of Thai massage lie in the teachings of yoga and also incorporate Chinese medicine and Ayurveda.

The method Nate learned combines traditional Thai massage and practices of yoga therapy making it very healing and the perfect complement to your yoga practice.

Thai massage is a powerful combination of massage, acupressure, stretching, twisting, energy work, and mediation.

It aims at stimulating the flow of energy within the body, increasing flexibility and circulation, and creating balance for the individual.  It can be deeply relaxing and rejuvenating, and is effective in treating injuries.



Once you make your purchase Jacque will get in touch with you to confirm your time slot.


“A divine hour to relax, stretch and rejuvenate, The best hour you can gift yourself”

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“An hour of savasana adjustment”

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“Nates massage was gentle yet helpful in relieving the tightness in the body”

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