Yin and Restorative Workshop

with Matece Skow


Rediscover the lost art of blessing

Sunday, Nov 10th | 12:30 to 2 pm

This workshop uses therapeutic yoga poses, breath work and meditation to make a radical exploration of the truth that we, as we are, in all our imperfections and frailties, are already whole. That our very presence here, NOW, is a blessing for humanity and this Earth.

Matece will gently guide the body into a deeper state of relaxation to enable a quieting of the overactive mind so that we can begin to feel the body and embrace an inward movement toward wholeness.

Unwind the mind, release tension in the body and experience blissful relaxation through the practice of slow and steady therapeutic yoga poses with the support of props.  Poses will be alternated with heart-centered meditations and breathing exercises to facilitate down regulation of the nervous system. Perfect for anyone in need of healing or recovery from stressful life conditions, trauma, injury, surgery or major change.

For beginners as well as seasoned practitioners, this practice will be absolute pleasure. The restorative and yin poses provide an ideal foundation for meditative healing and your experience deepens with the support of aromatherapy and uplifting poetry.