Yin Intensive

with Patty

Saturday, Feb 29th, 1 to 3 pm

Winter, its element is Water. It is the time of year to go in, go deep and cocoon inside the long held poses of yin. In this 2 hour intensive we will be working with the organ pair of Kidneys/Urinary Bladder. Connected to all fluids in our body, including joint lubrication, and the storage containers of our vital energy our chi and need to remain balanced for all other organs to function well.

Their energetic health also rules the general health of the lower back, the reproductive organs, and lower intestinal track. If we suffer from a fragile back, have had back injuries or weakness, or feel pain coming from this area even when the muscles are not   engaged, we can be sure we have kidney issues.

We will be working with yin poses and essential oils that open the meridians connected to theses organs nourishing the lower back, reproductive organs and lower intestinal track.

*** SOLD OUT ****