We welcome you to the 2021 – Almaden Yoga Teacher Training

Whatever your path, our journey will guide you.
Become a yoga teacher. Deepen your practice. Learn.
Our training is planned to either complete 200-hours or attend modules based on your interest.
200-Hours Vinyasa Teacher Training
20-Hours Yin & Restorative Training

Almaden Yoga Teacher Training Team

Anuja – Lead Trainer




For Aspiring teachers and everyone else, this program will lead you through the following:

Based on the Yoga Alliance syllabus, the Almaden Yoga 200-Hour Teacher Training will cover the following aspects:

Yoga Philosophy:

  1. Realize your potential as you learn the wisdom and philosophy of yoga
  2. Practice basic of meditation and Pranayam


  1. Deepen your practice
  2. Anatomy
  3. Learn foundational poses and modifications

Teaching Techniques:

  1. Find your voice
  2. Speak in front of people with confidence and clarity
  3. Learn and create to teach a full class

Business of Yoga:

  1. Learn the ethics of being a yoga teacher


Yoga Alliance® is the largest nonprofit association representing the yoga community. Almaden Yoga is now part of their growing registered yoga school. We have been approved by Yoga Alliance.

At the end of the 200 hour training you will receive a Yoga Alliance certification.


This training does not guarantee your teaching career at Almaden Yoga.

Completion Requirements:

  • Register and pay the full fee by February 10th, 2021
  • Attend all training weekend sessions
  • Complete and submit all home assignments
  • Sequence and teach a final class – OPTIONAL
  • Observe 2 classes with any of the Almaden Yoga teacher(s)
  • Attend 3-One-on-one sessions with Anuja

The Almaden Yoga Teacher Training Program includes an unlimited classes monthly membership to Almaden Yoga for a period of 3-months during the training.

200-Hour: $2890
20-Hour: Yin & Restorative: $275
Combined 220-Hours: $3000

Non-refundable deposit of $320 at the time of registration
You can pay the fee in full or two 50% installments, if needed


  • You can register for the teacher training right away
  • Please check the class dates and make sure of your availability
  • Please complete the registration form
  • A non-refundable deposit of $280 needs to be paid to secure your spot in the teacher training

Please print and complete the registration form.
You can leave the completed form at either of the studio front desk or email it to Anuja at anuja@almadenyoga.com

Weekend Plan:

9-weekends from Feb – May 2021 – 16 hours per weekend
Fri: 6:30 to 8:30 pm
Sat: 10 am to 5 pm
Sun: 10 am to 5pm

Total Contact Hours : 144

Total Non-Contact Hours: 56

Meet Anuja Chaudri – Owner and Founder of Almaden Yoga

Anuja is a believer of alignment – no, not just in the body but in every aspect of life. She believes and tries to live in alignment with her work, family, friends and the various demands of life. She teaches yoga and believes that every class is a learning process for her own growth.

Anuja was born and raised in India. She came from a liberal family where, both her father and mother exposed her to the best in art, music, dance and most of all to the world of yoga. Her father was the one who pushed her into doing yoga as a kid. At the age of 6-7 years she didn’t enjoy the yoga classes but loved the attention as her body was super flexible. In high school she took up yoga as a subject and practiced diligently for two years and topped in her state of Delhi.

With time and adult life, yoga took a back seat. In 1995 Anuja moved to the USA and found herself starting a new life. A dream came true to live in this country but it was nowhere close to the Hollywood movies that fascinated her. As she restarted her hi-tech career she got into everything except yoga. The charm was in the corporate world, making the 6-figure salary and enjoying life.

Her personal life went through a divorce and a time of losing all that she had built in this country. A go-getter by nature she revived her career and confidence. During this time she met Ron Victor whom she married in 2001 and dreamt of starting a family and living her second dream of becoming a mother. But motherhood seemed to have deluded her and after trying for 6-years, she decided to let go of this dream and the path of motherhood. Her Buddhist practice of 25 odd years kept her strong and grounded. In the two years of going through depression, she restarted her yoga practice. It was power yoga that not only gave her physical strength but also the ability to be a fighter and make the most of what life had gifted her.

In 2006 Anuja fell into the hands of the first teacher training program started at Yoga Source, Los Gatos by Linda McGrath. Those 6-months changed her life yet again. A time to renew, revive and come alive. It was when she started teaching in September of 2006 that she discovered her love and passion of teaching yoga.

Teaching and learning took her into the opportunity of opening her own yoga studio. Anuja was looking for her own space to avoid driving all over the Silicon Valley to teach yoga. This is when Almaden Yoga was born. It was her child which she could nourish and use as a space where love, peace, health, and community could be built.

After 11-years of running Almaden Yoga, teaching over 2500 yoga classes, giving birth to over 50 new yoga teachers, taking a number of international yoga retreats, Anuja continues to evolve as a human being, constantly self-studying and is inspired to accomplish and spread peace in the community through yoga.

Anuja has beautifully blended her Indian upbringing and her exposure to the western world of yoga. Her classes include alignment of the body, her silly sense of humor, sharing her learning through the journey of life and most of all spreading her infectious smile and energy. She brings tremendous amounts of love and community feel into the world of Almaden Yoga.

Hope you will join her class and always come and introduce yourself. She may forget your name but she will remember your face in any part of the world.


Being apart of the AYTT has been one of the most memorable experiences of my life. Anuja and Nate have given each student honest feedback and gentle love with each day we were together. This program is more than just deepening your practice or gaining a certificate to be able to teach; it is the attainment of connection. Connection with the teachers, fellow students, and most importantly with yourself.
Emerging back into the world after this extensive experience will not be the same for everyone, but I do guarantee a new found sense of pure Joy and Love for yoga and life. For this I say, what are you waiting for!
Marilyn Baker

I had a life changing experience at Almaden Yoga Teacher Training . It brought out hidden strength within me. I feel deeply grateful for the opportunity to participate in this training. As I call AYTT as the Amazing Yoga Teacher Training. Anuja and Nate helped us in every way to reach our full potential.

Rina Desai

Almaden Yoga Teacher Training is indeed an experience I am grateful for. The bond formed with Anuja and the other trainees by far exceeded my expectations. There is a lot to be learned in the entire 200-hour training and having someone knowledgeable, caring, intuitive, open and fun as a guide made the journey well worth it. I felt there was a good balance of technical lessons on alignment, teaching practice and cues as well as learning about the Sutras, the philosophical and spiritual aspects of yoga. I am pleased that Almaden Yoga Teacher Training provided me with adequate experience, knowledge and tools so that I could apply all that I learned immediately. It is nice to know that even after the training, Anuja is available to help and support all of us as new teachers.

Danielle Vergara

For many years, I have wanted to take a yoga teacher training class. AYTT fit my busy schedule and I took that as a sign the time was right. From the first day of training, I was so thankful to have joined this yoga teacher training program with Anuja at the helm. Anyone who knows Anuja knows she is an excellent yoga teacher with a huge heart and an incredible passion for yoga. She brought her whole heart and passion to each and every teacher training. She exceeded my expectations. Anuja helped me to realize yoga poses and alignment in my mind and body, and made sure I had a firm grasp on the yoga sutras and related philosophies as well. I am now teaching yoga and I feel blessed to have completed this program under Anuja’s guidance.

Jennifer Feerick

I appreciated being exposed to the Yoga Sutras, which I found to be amplifications of Biblical principles. My practice had previously focused on the physical. The teacher training program expanded my practice into the philosophical and spiritual aspects of yoga. People need to be prepared for the amount of time the training takes outside of the literal weekends of training. I was teaching before I took the teacher training from Almaden Yoga and continue to teach. The teacher training program gave me the credibility and foundation to the teaching I was looking for. Although I was already an avid reader and student of yoga practice, the training expanded my knowledge and application.

Cathy Cassetta