We hope you are ready for this new year challenge. What is a challenge? Not just the dictionary meaning of competition or contest but all teachers at Almaden Yoga feel it is way beyond that. Infact challenge is what makes life interesting. It helps us grow. Challenge makes us understand our own abilities. It transforms us. It helps us move away from our comfort zone. Challenge helps us move forward with strength, confidence and determination. 
So are you ready to move forward? 
In this challenge we have added a few elements. Our theme for this challenge and maybe this year is to ignite the fire within. 
During this challenge:
  1. YES, feel free to do a class every single day. But you don’t have to.
  2. Pranayama: every class will focus at least 5-minutes on basic breathing techniques.
    • Please take Anuja Pranayama-101 this Friday at 4 pm.
  3. Each month will be themed based on the Yoga Sutra Niyamas. The coolest thing is that each teacher will share their unique perspective. The Niyamas are:
    • Saucha – purity
    • Santosha – contentment
    • Tapas – self discipline
    • Svadhyaya – self study/observation
    • Ishwar Pranidhana – surrender to the higher source
  4. The focus will be on building strength – physical, emotional and mental.
You will love this challenge as it has deeper meaning that just attending a class everyday. Let us not forget challenges are to be dealt with laughter, love and compassion towards ourselves and others.
If you decide to take a class every single day for 6-weeks, please make sure you have unlimited monthly subscription.
Email info@almadenyoga.com to change your membership.