“I enjoyed my trip to India with Anuja more than I could have ever imagined. Anuja took care of EVERYTHING, she is thorough, efficient, friendly, and one of the most pleasant and heartfelt women I have ever been around; I am so blessed to have her in my life.” – Autumn Mccoy


Bali is all about tradition, rice fields, and a culture filled with gratitude. If you have always wanted to visit Bali, then this is your chance to experience all that Bali has to offer with an experienced guide and yoga teacher, Anuja, who will lead this retreat and take you on a journey to get to know Ubud, Bali.

You will spend your days visiting beautiful sights in Ubud, attending yoga classes, shopping for exotic memorabilia, eating delicious & healthy food, and much more.

If you are feeling called to take this trip, to visit a country that seems too far and too intimidating to explore on your own, then this is your opportunity to make your dream come true!

If you are looking for a get-away to to experience one of the most beautiful places on earth, please do join us! You do not have to practice yoga, to be a part of this trip. You can join Anuja just to explore Ubud, Bali.


Anuja will teach classes for all levels. We will also go to local yoga studios (not included in the price) and attend a sound healing meditation session.

Anuja’s yoga classes are fun, mindful and will include journaling the trip.

As they say travel is a sure way to get rich. Ubud, will make your richer in culture, tradition, and richer with some new friends.

“Anuja’s positivity, joie de vivre, appetite for fun and adventure, and calming presence all resonated with every interaction, every day of the trip. You could not ask for a more grounded travel companion and guide. – Jori Mayer”

In this trip you will experience:

  • A relaxing stay at a beautiful and serene resort in Ubud

  • Yoga classes that will rejuvenate your mind and body

  • Tours that will expose you to the richness of the Balinese heritage

  • Group activities that will build new bonds

  • Come back richer and more stretched in your heart and soul


Those who think traveling makes them richer

Those who want to experience another culture and tradition

Those who want to spend time alone

Those who want to go with some friends

Those who want to make new friend

And the list goes on…..

This trip for anyone and everyone who wants to travel……


During your 7-days stay in Ubud Bali we will do several group activities, but you will have ample time to explore on your own.


We will spend our mornings doing yoga that will prepare us for the day. The yoga classes will be for all levels of experience with the intent to stretch, connect and share.


Our outings include visit and a dip into the holy springs of Tirta temple: Bali’s sacred pool of purification.

Another outing will be to the rice fields in Ubud. From the local traffic into the vast quiet space of nothing but rice fields. Rice fields is a series of rice paddies located close to Ubud, in the center of Bali, famous for its terraced layout. This is a traditional Balinese irrigation system known as subak.

Walking above the clouds to see the famous volcano Mt. Batur can be a life changing experience. A magical and rewarding way to start your day as we see the sun rise above the clouds. This will be optional as the hike starts at 2:30 am and ends by 10:30 am. After which a much needed rest by the pool will be welcomed.

Some time in the later part of the day of the hike we will drive to Pyramids of Chi to attend a sound healing meditation session.


As an outdoor activity we will go for a downhill 2-hour bike ride through the lanes and by lanes of Ubud and pass some small rice fields, and locals waiving at us with joy. A local delicious lunch after.

Last but not the least the shopping in Ubud will spin your head. From amazing street shopping to high end stores, you will enjoy your time walking around in Ubud.

“I traveled with Almaden Yoga on their first trip to India in 2016.  It was an amazing trip.  The accommodations were high end, the food amazing and the sites incredible. Sixteen people depending completely on Anuja to take care of everything and she was awesome. – Carol Martin”

Your trip will include:

  • Airport pick-up and drop off

  • 7 nights at a high-end resort

  • All breakfast and dinners included

  • One 1-hour free Balinese massage

  • The activities mentioned above
  • Daily yoga classes
  • And most importantly a lifetime experience to a land of spiritual awakenings


$1999 per person
  • Non-refundable deposit of $400
  • 3 instalments of $533


$2385 per person
  • Non-refundable deposit of $477
  • 3 instalments of $636


Anuja started her yoga career as a child but took on to teaching only in 2006. In the last 15 years she has taught over 2000 classes and reached out to over 25,000 people. In the last decade she has taken six retreats to India, Bali and Greece. Every retreat has the richness of laughter, fun, experience, food, wine, shopping and connection. Her groups number ranges from 15-18 and more than that does not appeal to her style.

Her yoga is for everyone – accessible, fun and rejuvenating. She makes sure after her class everyone is energized to start the over with a positive attitude.

Her personality is infectious, and she knows how to handle any situation with grace and dignity. He positive, joyful and at the same grounded in challenging situations.

Anuja is the owner and founder of Almaden Yoga which has been open for a decade in the San Jose area in California.