DIVE DEEP with Anuja – 4-part series
Learn and Live the 8-Limbs of Yoga – starts March 7th
Online via Zoom. Reserve your spot today to get your Zoom class link
Sundays 90-minute sessions from 3 to 4:30 pm
Cost: $150 for all 4-sessions
First 10 sign-ups by Feb 25th get $25 off 
Many of us think yoga is only physical moving practice. We restrict our knowledge of yoga something we “do” on our mat. But there is much more to yoga. Yoga Sutras are guidelines laid out for better understanding of ourselves and our connection to the world around.
This series with Anuja is going to introduce you to the 8-limbs of yoga. Each limb will be connected to our life, relationships and our asana practice. There will be self introspection based on the 8-limbs with reference to some reading, if interested.
This series is great for all dedicated yoga practitioners wanting to dive deep into the wisdom of yoga. These sessions will include:
  • Understanding of 8-limbs of yoga
  • Apply each concept in real life, your relationships and connect it with your asana practice
  • Writing assignment for self reflection
  • A lot of sharing and discussion
To keep this sharing and learning intimate, Anuja is focusing on only 12 keen participants. The price for all 4-session is $150 but the first 10 who sign up by Feb 25th, get $25 off – YOU pay only $125 for all 4-sessions.
Please feel free to email Anuja if you need financial assistance to join these sessions – anuja@almadenyoga.com
  1. April: Deepen your standing poses – every week we work on few standing poses and learn better alignment and modifications.
  2. May: Experience India from the comfort of your home. Anuja will bring interesting aspects about India from family values, to arranged marriage, to Indian deities, to cooking and her style of fusion fashion. This series will be FREE for all.