1. Can I do yoga if I have never done it before?

We all have to start somewhere. Yoga is appropriate for most beginners. Even if you have been out-of-shape, yoga will allow the body to stretch and release the tension. After a few classes the body will get used to the stretching and strengthening. You can start your practise with doing yoga just twice a week and then make a choice of  adding more classes.

2. Do I need to be flexible and strong?

No you don’t need to be flexible or strong to start. Like any other skill your body and mind will slowly change and evolve. The more you do yoga the more flexible and strong you will become.

3. What are the benefits of yoga?

Yoga is a unique exercise routine that not only affects the body but also the mind. With regular practice you will notice your body getting stronger and flexible. It will also feel more grounded with a proper posture. On a mental level you will notice improvement in your focus, ability to stay calm, and maintain relaxed breathing. Yoga also makes the effort to go deeper into your life. You may call it spiritual impact that takes your yoga practice beyond the mat and into your daily life.

4. How do I handle injuries with yoga?

You know your body the best but make sure to let the instructor know about your injuries so that he or she can help you achieve the best in class. During class make sure to listen to your body and go as far it feels good. No need to compete with anyone or your ego. Let your body tell you where to stop and enjoy the pose. You can consider a private session to understand how to handle your injury in relation to yoga poses. Call us or email for an appointment.

5. Can men do yoga?

The answer is a big bold YES. There is a misconception that yoga is only for women or it is a feminine activity. The first yogis in India were men and to name some- B.K.S. Iyengar, Patabi Joise, and more. In today’s yoga  some of the best known teachers are Bryan Kest, Dharma Mittra, Rusty Wells along  with many more – all men!. Yoga is for everyone. It will help men relax tight muscles particularly if you are a runner or a cyclist. If you play a team sport such as football, basket ball, hockey, soccer or any team sport, yoga will work wonders for your strength and flexibility.

6. How many times should I practice in a week?

Depending on what you are trying to achieve you need to define the frequency of doing yoga. Ideally three times a week will work wonders. The change in your body and mind will show with consistency. But what matters is that  you listen to your body and define a schedule based on your routine.

7. How is yoga difference from other exercises?

Unlike stretching or fitness, yoga is more than just physical postures. Patanjali’s eight-fold path illustrates how the physical practice is just one aspect of yoga. Yoga connects the mind and body through the breath. This allows us to take yoga inside our mind, body and soul. The awareness that we cultivate is what makes yoga a practice, rather than a task.

8. Where do I begin?

All you need is an open mind. The rest will follow. Make sure to get water and a mat with you. Wear relaxed fitting clothes like track pants. Be barefoot while doing yoga.

9. Should I eat and do yoga?

Avoid eating just before doing yoga. Give at least a one hour gap and eat light. The reason for this is that the movement of the body will make the organs move and in-turn make you feel uneasy.

10. What are the etiquettes of yoga?

  • Be on time for your class (5 minutes early is better that 5 minutes late)
  • Remove your shoes at the designated place.
  • Turn off cell phones and pagers when entering the studio
  • Honor yourself and your body. Take breaks from poses when needed but try to keep up with the flow and teachers instruction.
  • Please avoid strong smelling perfumes or lotions
  • Be silent during the practice as it may disturb others

11. Can pregnant women do yoga?

Yoga is great during pregnancy. But make sure to let your instructor know you are pregnant. Just make sure to avoid twisting, inversions, pranayam, any abdominal strengthening pose, and lying on your belly. Remember balancing poses may get tougher as you progress in your pregnancy so instead use the wall or blocks to keep yourself balanced and be in the pose longer. Make sure to drink lot of water and take bathroom breaks whenever needed.

Billing questions

12. When and how many times is my credit card charged?
Charges will be automatically applied once every month. Your credit card bill will show the charge as “Almaden Yoga Inc.” based on your selected package.

13. Do I have to sign up at the beginning of the month?

No, memberships can start on any day of the month, and you can choose the day of the month you want your automatic payments to be charged to your credit card.

14. How do I cancel, stop or change my membership?

Please send an email to memberships@almadenyoga.com. Make sure to give us 30 day notice for any changes.