Your are paying for the yoga retreat to Greece with Anuja and Ashley. This retreat is from May 16th to May 25th 2020.
By paying the deposit you are locking in the 2019 price for Greece. Starting Jan 1, 2020, the price will go up for single and double occupancy.
Please make the appropriate choice and submit your payment.

Quantity Description Price
Double Occupancy: Deposit for Greece$475.00
Double Occupancy:1st Installment$906.00
Double Occupancy:2nd Installment$906.00
Double Occupancy:3rd Installment$906.00
Single Occupancy: Deposit for Greece$580.00
Single Occupancy: 1st Installment$1095.00
Single Occupancy:2nd Installment$1095.00
Single Occupancy:3rd Installment$1095.00
We are so excited that you are joining us in Athens and Santorini. We look forward to traveling with you.
Thank you.