The State and County have allowed outdoor classes but no use of the indoor space. We are trying outdoor classes but together we will have to follow some simple rules which will keep us safe and healthy.

Here are the RULES that need to be followed for outdoor classes:
  1. As per State and County rules, we will limit each outdoor class to 25 people
    • Please reserve your spot online
    • Please make all payments online
  2. The indoor studio space will be CLOSED with no public access
  3. There will be no access to restrooms
  4. All front desk activities will happen outdoor
    • There will be 6 ft distance maintained during check in
  5. Each mat will be at 6 ft distance:
    • There are red tape marks
      • Please place your mats as per these marks
  6. By State and County law, you have to walk in and walk out in masks
    • Please move to the front desk area with mask on
      • Once the class is over, put your mask on and then wrap up to leave
      • Make sure to keep your mask on until you place your mat
  7. As per State law, no masks are required for outdoor spaces if there is a 6 ft distance
  8. Teachers will teach from one spot in the front
    • They will not be allowed to walk around or do any hands on adjustments
  9. We will try to have one person who will demo the class – volunteers are welcome 🙂
  10. Please avoid any socializing in the outdoor practice area
  11. Please avoid hugging anyone – with or without masks
  12. Please help us keep the space clean and tidy
  13. All left behind things will be thrown with no access to lost and found